Your Thoughts Create Your Reality!

Our thoughts create our reality.

We think about 70,000 thoughts a day and about 90% of them are the same thoughts that we had yesterday.  These same thoughts lead to us making the same choices which lead to us the same behaviours that create the same experiences that then lead to the same emotions which completes the loop and results in the same thoughts. All of this means that our brain’s chemistry and circuitry remain the same.  These thoughts, behaviour and emotions form our habits which form our personality.

Dr Joe Dispenza says that most people by the time they are 35 years old are a set of memorized behaviours, emotional reactions, beliefs, unconscious attitudes and perceptions that act like a subconscious computer.  We have done the same things so many times that our body can do it better than our brains (Have you ever forgot driving yourself to work or to the store?)

So, each day we continue to experience the same experiences and the same emotions.  This is great if they’re positive, but not so much if your thoughts are primarily sad, depressed, angry, scared, or unhappy.  This will continue unless something changes.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

You need to make your brain do or learn something new in order for it to create new thoughts which lead to new behaviours, new experiences and new emotions and more new thoughts. This process changes the brain’s chemistry and thus your brain can re-wire. You want these new thoughts to be positive ones so that your brain will re-wire to the positive and so you get positive experiences.

If the majority of your experiences and emotions aren’t positive (and you want them to be) then you have to start thinking about your thoughts and beliefs (beliefs are thoughts you accept as true).

When you start choosing different thoughts and start creating new beliefs that empower and serve you, your life will transform.

Remember, life’s too short not to love the life you’re living!

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