YES or NO? – How to Use Your Energy as a Guide

Did you know that you can tap into your energetic field to help you make decisions? Some might call it tapping into your intuition or your inner knowing.  When you learn to listen to and interpret your energy, you can get insight into any problem you are trying to solve. Let’s take a look at how this works. 

We are all currently resonating at a particular frequency or vibration level. And whatever level that is for you normally is what we’ll call your baseline.  When something makes us feel good, or excited or when we are anticipating something, our frequency will increase and we’ll feel expansive.  When something bad happens, or we get bad news, or something goes against what we belief or want then our frequency drops and we’ll feel contracted.  We can use this knowledge and the associated feelings as a tool.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you’ve been invited to a party that you don’t want to go to. If you tune into your energy, you’ll see that you may feel heavy, and have low energy. You may have that pit or knot in your stomach. Your energy or body may feel constricted. In this case, your energy system is telling you that you don’t want to go; an in all likelihood you shouldn’t go.  On the other hand, if you consider going to see your favourite band play with a group of your friends, you’ll notice excitement, your energy will be high, maybe your heart rate increases, you feel free and want to jump around. These are signs that you want to go to the concert and that there are benefits in going. 

Give it try right now.  First think about a time that you had to do something you didn’t want to do. How did you feel in your body? Where did you feel it? Did you feel big or small? Did you feel tight and limited or, free and expansive? Did you feel full of energy or drained of energy? Heavy or light?  Now do the same exercise with something that you did want to do.  Ask yourself the same questions.  Good job!  Now you have established your baseline readings of your energy system.

This seems pretty easy right?  Yes, BUT there’s a trap that you have to be aware of because sometimes you’ll get a mixed signal, and these are the exciting circumstances to take a deeper look into.  As humans, we have a fundamental need to keep ourselves safe and the best way to do this, is to keep us in our comfort zones and to not do anything new as anything new is unsafe and dangerous. Of course, this isn’t true and it’s just our reptilian mind at work.  So how does this play out with our energy?

First, I’ll use an extreme example from my life to illustrate the point. I was in University and the opportunity came up to go skydiving. My initial response was “Yes!”. I was excited and I anticipated what it would be like to fly like a bird above the fields and gently glide back to the earth.  It felt freeing and light and expansive in my body. I signed up! But then, I got that pit in my stomach, my body felt tight. I was like “WTF did you do? Are you crazy? Jumping out of a perfectly good plane. You could die?” If I was interpreting my energy based on that response, I would say that it was a “No” and I shouldn’t do it. I should have cancelled. But then, when I imagined how I’d feel drifting through the air, the accomplishment of doing something that scared me, I felt my energy levels raise again.  In situations like this you have to look at why you are feeling contracted or feeling the heavier energies that would typically mean no. It could simply be that you are being pushed out of your comfort zone and that you have something to learn or grow from by having that experience.  Let’s take a look at a less extreme example, where possible death isn’t actually an option.

Last spring I had the opportunity to attend Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within event in LA. I was so excited at the thought of going and what I’d learn and to see Tony in person. But I was so nervous too. I would be going alone, to a city I hadn’t been to, for 5 days. I wouldn’t know anyone.  In this case the nervousness and the contraction of energy, was really a positive. When you have excitement and anticipation, but also have nervousness or feelings of fear, then that’s typically your soul telling you that you have something to learn or something to benefit from and an opportunity to grow.  I chose to go to the event, and it was awesome. I overcame the fear of going alone, of having to go out of my comfort zone to meet and connect with other people, of doing so many new things and pushing myself in ways I hadn’t before.  If I had interpreted the nervousness and fear as a “no” I would have missed out on so much growth.

Take moment now to think of a time in your life where you had these mixed feelings?  Then explore why you might have been feeling the lower energy responses?  Were you keeping yourself safe and in your comfort zone? Was it that you felt you may not fit in or get rejected? Maybe you needed to be more social and you consider yourself an introvert. Maybe it was too far away or cost too much? Maybe you didn’t feel worthy or deserving. What did you do then and what might you do differently now?

Have fun exploring and using your energy system to guide you!